Monday 17 August 2009

When it's time to go......

We all love our pets and animals so much that it's so difficult when it's finally time for them to go. We have them living with us in the full knowledge that at some point we'll need to say goodbye, but until it happens, we put it out of our minds. If they could live with us all our lives, wouldn't that be lovely?

We develop such a close bond that they become a part of the family. They become our children, brothers, sisters, even parents sometimes. This bond creates a very strong energetic link between us and them, and we find we can communicate without speaking.

I recently wrote about a time when I realised I could communicate with animals - a cat had been brought into the vet's surgery for the last time, and told me he knew why he was there and was happy for it. He'd wanted me to pass on the message to his human carer, and when I did he settled down and was ready to go.

Since that time at the vet's I've worked with a number of animals at the end of their lives, and have learnt that they always know when it's time for them to go - but they realise that their humans aren't (usually) ready to let them go. The animals are always happy to move on, but frequently hang on for the sake of their humans, whom they love so dearly, and because of the strong bond just can't let go.

Passing out of this physical existence doesn't hold as much fear for animals as it does for us. They almost have a sense of "going home", and they know that it will happen one day. We know it will happen to us one day too, but we also find it more difficult to cope with the idea of no longer being here.

Just a few short weeks ago, and all within five days of each other, I helped three cats to move on. I listened to what they were saying so that I could pass messages on to their humans, and also vets - this helped them to know and accept that it was time for their cats to go. I spent a fair bit of time talking, listening to and counselling the humans (and still am).

I also used Reiki (both in person and distant) to help the animals and their humans with any pain or discomfort, and to find peace and acceptance. The cats were able to move on in peace, and with their loving humans' blessings. It was a very sad time, and I'll admit I spent most of that week in tears, but it was also very beautiful and poignant. The people they'd lived with and loved had given them the most precious and selfless gift - they'd told their pets they could go when they were ready, and had had the help of some very caring vets to do this.

So, I'll finish by sending love, light, peace and joy to Kat, Kiki and Daisy. And of course to their lovely humans. xx

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