Friday, 7 August 2009

Well Travelled Cats

My lovely friends Andrew and Robert have 3 cats, all siblings (2 boys, 1 girl) from the same litter.

Andrew and Robert used to live in Spain, and they re-homed them from an animal sanctuary there. They were named Adolfo, Zara and Kenzo, after their favourite designers/shops. Anyway, they decided that they wanted to return to the UK, and brought the 3 cats to Peterborough with them - they settled in very well, and loved having the run of the garden. Seemed to cope fine with the journey, and the different weather in the UK.

It wasn't long before Andrew and Robert remembered why they'd left the UK in the first place, and started to get itchy feet again. While living in Spain, they'd bought a little house close to Cape Town, as they'd loved the place when they visited. It was a holiday let, but moved in while renovating another house they'd bought to live in. Once again, the cats had a plane journey, this time to a completely different continent.

They soon got to know their surroundings, and even met the local baboons that wander around - stealing food from bins!!. A couple of years ago, Andrew and Robert went on holiday to Spain - they still had a little house there - and I came to look after the cats for 10 days!! Best cat sitting gig I've had so far!! I'm attaching a sweet photo of the three of them at their favourite time of day - feeding time! Since then, they've moved twice more, albeit in the same town.

They'll sadly be leaving South Africa next year to return to the UK - or go who knows where next - and once again the cats will be on the move. These three siblings who started out as Spanish have lived in the UK and South Africa, coping extremely well each time - shows how adaptable cats can be.

If you've got any stories about well-travelled cats, please share them with us!


  1. Im fact, Jean, they've got two moves ahead of them. The cats can't travel directly from South Africa to the UK without having to go into quarantine because South Africa isn't part of the pet passport scheme.

    But we can go straight from here to Spain (as long as their anti-rabies jabs are up to date and all listed in their passports), spend six months there, and then come back to Blighty without having to be quarantined.

    So looks like we might all have to go into quarantine for six months in Spain. But I can think of worse places...

    Oh, and if any of your readers are interested, we can thoroughly recommend Animal Couriers for pet transport ( They've been fantastic moving our three around the world, and we'll definitely be working with them again next time we're on the move.

    Robert and Andrew x

  2. Can see how it's best for you all to quarantine together in Spain for 6 months!! Thanks for the update. xx