Monday, 2 April 2012

A New Sanctuary!

It must be nearly 5 years ago now that I approached Animals in Distress sanctuary to ask if I could come and help the various animals there with Reiki. There were a number of reasons. Firstly as I hadn't long completed my Reiki 2 qualification, it would provide me with lots of practice in developing my Reiki skills with a number of animals. But more than that, I felt I'd been given the gift of Reiki by animals (my cat Bella to be precise), and I wanted to repay the favour. I also like the idea of giving something back to my local community, and volunteer in other ways too.
I was introduced to the manager of the Irlam site, Jay, and while she didn't know much about it, she was very open - she felt that anything that might help was worth exploring. Their problems were numerous and deep. Not just the obvious physical troubles, but very often the emotional state underlying these. Where I feel Reiki really excels is in getting underneath the physical manifestation of a problem, and healing on an emotional level. So many of the animals in their care had suffered awful traumas - and some we could only guess at as we didn't always know their backgrounds.
Some had come into the sanctuary because their families had moved away and couldn't take them, others had lost their human carers through death, and there were those those who couldn't stay in the home any more after people, and perhaps new babies, developed allergies to them. So many reasons, but all of these caused such emotional upset, that conditions would sometimes be caused to be developed. And so, so many more reasons that they might have ended up with us.

Although they were all taken care of lovingly, it's not the same as being in a nice warm house where you can choose where you go, where you want to sleep. So of course that has an effect too. Lots and lots of healing to be done.
I visited the animals there for about 3 years or so, and loved it. Built some wonderful relationships with some of their longer term residents, or those who kept coming back. And could see huge improvements in so many of them. And bit by bit the staff and volunteers there started to notice a difference. I remember one day, while I was sitting sending Reiki to all the cats in one of the quarantine bays, Jay walked in, and was stunned by the beautiful gentle energy she felt. Brian had always been a cynic, but even he came round. He was willing to accept he didn't need to understand how it worked, it just did. He would enjoy sitting quietly with me at times too when I was letting the Reiki flow to the animals.

Too many animals to mention, or even remember I'm sorry to say - but some do come to mind. There was Benson the Rottweiler. Although at first you wouldn't know what breed he was. He'd been very badly treated and starved and was just skin and bone when he first came in. He was covered in sores, and so scared, still and quiet. I would sit with him and give him love and Reiki, and after a few sessions everyone was so astounded as to how quickly he started to improve. He put on weight, his hair started to grow back, and we began to see his very cheeky personality. In time, and much quicker than everyone had thought, he was able to be rehomed, and went to live with a lovely girl Rotty!!
There was also a tiny scrap of a rabbit, again skin and bone, with sores, can't remember now quiet what had happened. As the rabbit came into the sanctuary, it was handed to me, and I held it while the Reiki did its magic. A week later, when I returned, I was shown the rabbit again, and almost couldn't believe it was the same one. And I remember a tiny kitten that was being hand-reared. Its mother had died due to an infection, and some of its siblings had too (it was one of seven). This little ginger boy had swollen and inflamed paws, and it was thought he wouldn't last long either. But after a few gentle sessions of Reiki with me he recovered, and grew to be a healthy boy who could be rehomed. Some sadder cases too...... It should always be remembered that Reiki works in a being's highest good. And if its highest good is to pass on then that's what will happen - but the Reiki will help it to be as peaceful and comfortable as possible, and often hastens the time, if that's right.

I'm a self employed person, and the recession had been extremely difficult for me. It started to become difficult finding time to visit, as I needed to spend all the time I had working, earning money to keep a roof over my head. At the same time Jay left to go to another sanctuary, and things weren't the same any more. A number of the volunteers also left, as did some of the staff. I kept on, now and again, when I could, for the sake of the animals, but in the end, I just stopped.

I've missed it in that time though. Well, missed taking care of animals who need so much help. So, I was thrilled when I was contacted out of the blue a few weeks ago by the new manager at another sanctuary in Manchester. A friend of mine - also does Reiki - used to be a volunteer dog walker there, and had told me they weren't interested in Reiki. That was the old guard, but the new manager is quite different. I had a wonderful meeting with her and another volunteer who has Reiki a few weeks ago, and I love where she's going now. She is also studying intuitive animal communication, so very much on the same page!!

I was asked if I'd like to become the Reiki volunteer. I was so excited!! It's early days yet, but so far I'm loving it. The staff and volunteers are very welcoming and friendly, and best of all is the energy there. There are definitely changes on the way, all going in the right direction. And lots of exciting things happening soon - watch this space!! And of course, best of all, I'm getting to work with animals that need help again. It's a very beautiful thing to be doing. ♥

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