Wednesday 14 October 2009

A healing approach to cat sitting

I began pet healing before I moved into pet sitting, so when I'm with animals, no matter what I'm doing, I'm always very aware that I'm bringing them healing - for whatever it is that they need.

When their families go away, generally cats are going to be happier left in their own homes, with all their familiar things and smells, and all their favourite little nooks and crannies. If they're outdoor cats, they can still roam around in their territory.

But that doesn't mean to say that they won't experience some anxiety, confusion or upset. They've become an important part of the family, so if you put yourself in the cat's place, and you find yourself on your own for a few days, you can perhaps start to imagine what emotions the cat might be feeling. Every animal is different and some will experience this in a different way and to a different extent. You know your own animal best.....

Now, what I don't want to be doing is making you even more anxious than you might already be about going away and leaving little Barney all on his own (or him and his brothers and sisters).

But what I did want to talk about is my approach to helping your animals to cope as well as they possibly can while you're away. I work as a healer, and bring healing with me (it's always there, but it's also a state of mind and way of being for me) when I come to look after your animals. The root of the verb "to heal" comes from "to make whole". This reflects the fact that a body will be whole (therefore at his healthiest), when all parts of it are working well. And this doesn't just mean in the physical sense, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually too.

We all know how emotional issues can lead to stress which has a direct effect on the physical health of a body. Well, all these 4 factors are inter-related, and all need to be working effectively for a body to be healthy - and happy. And a cat that is feeling a little unhappy or anxious while their family is away is clearly not whole.

So, when I'm coming to take care of cats while their families are away, the first thing I do is to sit down with them, and give them a cuddle. I'd say that 99% of the cats I look after want love, caring, strokes and a fuss before they think about eating. While I'm sitting with them I'm able to pick up on how they're feeling, and my hands will be able to deliver whatever is needed to ensure that they can be calm, relaxed and happy. It's not essential to physically touch though. I can just sit close by, tune in to them, and send healing energy from my heart to theirs. So once they're eating, I love to sit and watch them, continually sending them love and healing. I'll also tell them what's going on, why people sometimes need to go away, and that they'll be back soon.

I've talked about cats here, because it's mostly cats I look after. But I look after some house bunnies and I do exactly the same for them, as well as the other animals I'm asked to look after from time to time.

I love to do this just for its own sake, it's a truly beautiful place to be with all these animals I look after. But it's also great to hear from their families that once they return they're all very happy pets - and I know that I've really done my job, and helped to heal the humans too!!

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